Who we are and why we started this company

TEA PLUS US company was born from the idea to provide the best of Sri Lanka teas, spices and herbs to the US consumer.

Mr.Witold, an American businessman and Mr. Jayaprakash, a Sri Lanka businessman joined forces and created two companies – one in Sri Lanka, to be an export company, and one in the US, to be an import and distributor company.

Mr.Witold has over 20 years experience in business development, business management and business consulting. One of his professional specialties is marketing, with focus on Digital marketing and e-commerce.

Born in Easter Europe and emigrated to the US in 90-ties, he worked internationally on different business ventures, bridging continents and cultures. He also traveled extensively in the majority of Asian countries, developing interest for Asian culture and Asian food. His several trips to Sri Lanka resulted in great appreciation of Sri Lanka people and Sri Lanka culture.  Being a passionate tea drinker, he fell in love with Ceylon teas and discovered many different varieties and custom blends created by skilled Sri Lanka’s merchants.

As photography is his hobby, he currently lists on Shutterstock over 2,000 pictures from all over the world, including many Asian countries.

Mr.Jeyapraksh is an experienced Tea Taster, with over 20 years experience in Tea Trade. He traveled Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, India & USA to exhibit Ceylon Tea, where he gave presentations and led many workshops about the manufacturing process, as well as about the health benefits of Ceylon Tea.

He was born in Central Sri Lanka, where the most delicious teas of the country are growing. Tea export is his family business, started by his grandfather in 1970’s,  before he was born. He is an expert in making Tea Blends such as Traditional blends, Single Origin blends, Other Origin blends, Fruit blends, Flower blends, Herbal blends, and own special blends. We invite you to sample these special teas and special tea blends from Sri Lanka.