Ceylon Tea from Sri Lanka is considered the highest quality, finest tea available. After becoming a republic in 1972, Ceylon was renamed Sri Lanka, but the name “Ceylon tea” continues to be well known around the world. In fact, Ceylon has become synonymous with tea and the all natural, all fresh, and refreshing experience Ceylon tea provides. Today “Ceylon tea” serves as an invaluable world brand name that guarantees quality.

Ceylon tea has a heritage and success story like no other product. The central highlands of Sri Lanka have an ecosystem ideal for growing Ceylon tea. Within this area, each tea growing region has its own unique characteristics, giving each of their teas a slightly different taste. The combined properties of groundwater, soil, and weather give each plant its own fragrance and flavor. The extraordinary ground water in Sri Lanka is said to have a magical quality, not only for growing the finest tea plants but also for brewing tea as a beverage.  

Black tea is the most popular form of Ceylon tea, with every grade having a different color and flavor. Handpicking ensures that only two leaves and a bud are picked from each plant.

Green tea is another popular variety of Ceylon tea. Pure and hygienic, it is recommended for various ailments.

White tea has less caffeine and more antioxidants than green or black tea, making it an even healthier beverage. All of these teas share the exceptional aroma and flavor of Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka.